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Mayor's Letter                        March 12, 2012
 Dear Neighbors:                          

Police Commissioner Matt Schamroth and I are pleased to officially announce that the following five year agreements have been unanimously approved by the Old Brookville Board of Police Commissioners and the Village Boards of Old Brookville, Upper Brookville, Brookville, Cove Neck, Matinecock and Mill Neck:

  • Six Village Inter-municipal Joint Police Protection Contract

  • PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • Lease for Old Brookville Police Headquarters

These agreements will continue the police services provided to our communities by the Old Brookville Police Dept. effective June 1, 2012 – May 31, 2017.

Following the withdrawal of Muttontown from the Seven Village Joint Police Protection contract on May 31, 2011, the foundation for these agreements was established through a one year inter-municipal memorandum of understanding reached among the six remaining villages effective June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012. This one year period provided the six mayors and the police commissioners sufficient time to evaluate the required police services and negotiate with the Old Brookville Police Benevolent Association for a new five year collective bargaining agreement.

Matt Schamroth and I would like to thank Richard Smith, Chief of Police and Chris Sweeney, President – Old Brookville PBA for their leadership during this process. Special thanks also to David Cohen, attorney and chief negotiator for the Board of Police Commissioners, Martin O’Connor – attorney, assistant negotiator and retired Deputy Police Commissioner for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties and George Stack, accountant for the Old Brookville Police Dept.

The details of the PBA Agreement which follow provides for a force of twenty-six officers including a Chief and an Administrative Lieutenant, six sergeants and eighteen patrol officers. In addition, six dispatchers will provide dedicated 24/7 communication services from the Old Brookville Police HQ. Over the past nine months, this right sizing of the Old Brookville Police has never required the supplemental patrol services of the Nassau County Police. During the next five years, the Old Brookville Police will continue to provide the most personal and superior police service that we all have come to expect.

There have been many changes to the new PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement and what follows is an overview of that agreement. Police services are the single largest item in our Village’s annual budget and this agreement will have a favorable long term impact on taxes including future cost savings as current officers retire and new officers are hired.

BASE SALARY INCREASES: June 2012 – 0%; June 2013 – 0%; June 2014 – 2.5%; June 2015 – 3.5%; June 2016 – 3.5%


Police officers hired on and after June 1, 2012 will be paid on a salary schedule which provides for a lower annual salary than the current schedule. These new hires will also pay a percentage of the cost of health insurance. Additionally, the calculation of these new officers’ daily and hourly rates of pay will result in more savings to the Department. They will also receive less time off than current officers.


Effective with the new Agreement, certain accrued days which officers would have been paid for upon retirement have been eliminated. The number and value of other accrued days have also been reduced. The manner of calculating daily and hourly rates of pay will change over the course of the contract resulting in additional savings to the Dept.


All police officers will have the option of receiving additional compensation if they choose to forego health insurance. Officers may wish to do so if, for example, they are covered under their spouses policy. This will also result in additional savings.


The hours for which police officers receive a night differential have been shortened.


All police officers will be working more tours, which are expected to reduce the Department’s overtime costs.


All outstanding litigation against the six villages and the Department, brought as a result of Muttontown’s withdrawal will be discontinued.

Matt and I would like to welcome back Police Officers Andrew Foley and Robert Alvino who have been re-hired effective March 2nd to replace retired Police Officers Charles Clanton and Peter Barbour.

The new Six Village Inter-municipal Joint Police Protection contract provides for a continuation of a Board of Police Commissioners and Matt Schamroth will continue to represent the Village of Old Brookville as our Police Commissioner. The new contract does not include the construction of a new police HQ for approximately $5.0 million. Instead, the Old Brookville Police Dept. will continue to be located in the present building located at the corner of Northern Boulevard and Wolver Hollow Road under the terms of a five year lease agreement with the Village of Upper Brookville for $1.00/year.

Matt Schamroth and I are very pleased with what has been accomplished over the past several months and look forward to working with our police force for the betterment of our community. As always, should there be any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Matt or myself.

Yours truly,

Bernie Ryb,a Mayor                        Matt Schamroth,   Police Commissioner     

Mayor's Letter                     October 20, 2011

Dear Village Residents:

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. It’s been a busy few months and as your Village Mayor, I want to take this opportunity to update you on what is going on in the Village.

I. Village Communications

First, let me strongly encourage you to sign up for our e-mail newsletter. As many of you know, our most recent Village e-mail alerted residents to the Nassau County Department of Health’s distribution of rabies vaccine throughout the north shore of Nassau County including Old Brookville from October 11-29 and the importance of supervising the outdoor activities of children and pets both during and for approximately one week following the bait distribution. For more information, please visit the home page on the Village’s website at

The Village’s co-directors of communications, Rick Shaper and Dorothy Davidow, continue their efforts to increase and enhance the information provided to our residents. Electronic mail allows the Village to provide more frequent updates on Village matters as well as save hundreds of dollars on each hard copy mailing. Subscribe to the Village e-mail service on the Village website by clicking on “e-mail sign-up” on the home page.

II. Old Brookville Police Department

Since the June 1st restructuring of the Old Brookville Police Department (OBPD), Chief Richard Smith has advised the OBPD Board of Police Commissioners that the Department has continued to operate smoothly and as expected in providing the personal and professional police service that our residents deserve and expect. Most transition issues such as termination payments for retiring police officers have been addressed. Negotiations between the six villages and the Old Brookville PBA have commenced for a new contract which would begin June 1, 2012 while at the same time, a new six village inter-municipal agreement is being drafted. Police Commissioner Matt Schamroth and I look forward to a successful conclusion to these negotiations.

III. Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene resulted in unprecedented damage to our community on August 27-28. Trustee Matt Schamroth and I coordinated clean-up efforts beginning early Sunday morning, August 28th and by evening, all Village roads were passable. Electricity was restored to about two-thirds of our Village by Tuesday evening and by the following weekend, all homeowners had power. The total cost for the clean-up was about $200,000 and the Village has applied for a FEMA reimbursement.

IV. Preservation of 60 Acres of Banfi Agricultural Fields

Nassau County has completed the acquisition of 60 acres of Banfi agricultural fields which can only be used for farming or as green space. This accomplishment was celebrated at the annual North Shore Land Alliance wine auction and dinner fundraiser on September 24. On behalf of the Village, I expressed thanks to Nassau County, the Mariani family, the North Shore Land Alliance and the private conservationist – Louis Bacon, and their representatives for their efforts resulting in this significant conservation achievement.

V. DeMatteis Center

Over the past few months, the Village has learned from St. Francis management that the Hospital has been in discussions to lease a significant amount of space in the former Pall Building in East Hills. While the DeMatteis Center will continue to be owned and operated by St. Francis Hospital, once the Pall Building is renovated in late 2012 a few activities at DeMatteis are expected to be relocated to the former Pall facility. In their place and as permitted by their zoning approval, certain as yet to be determined administrative functions will be moved by St. Francis to the DeMatteis Center.

VI. Village Consultants

The Village has recently retained two new consultants. Ms. Patricia O’Neill, AIA, is the new architectural consultant to the Architectual Review Board replacing Minor Bishop who served the Village for many years and recently relocated to Maine. In addition, Peter Albinski, AIA, has been retained as the Village’s Assistant Building Inspector and will be working with our long time Building Inspector – Matt Moed in the Village’s Building Department. The Board of Trustees welcomes both to the Old Brookville Family.

VII. Fall Festival

The trustees and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Village’s Fall Festival on Saturday, October 29th from 12-3PM at Village Hall. My thanks to Kim Onorato,

Carol Bellofatto, Cathy Scarola, Amy Schamroth, Marjorie Slonim, Deborah Vena and

Eva Fodera for volunteering their time over the past several weeks.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions relating to this letter or other Village matters, please don’t hesitate to contact me at mayor@old

Yours truly,

Bernie Ryba, Mayor

Mayor's Letter                  June 7, 2011
Dear Village Residents:

I hope this letter finds you all doing well and that you are enjoying the fine spring weather. Much has happened in our Village over the past year and as your Village Mayor, I would like to share with you some of the important news affecting our community.

I. Old Brookville Police Department

At the May 16 Board meeting, the Village Board of Trustees by a 4-0 vote (Trustee Sacher - absent), passed a resolution to approve a Memorandum of Understanding which amends the previous Seven Village Police Protection Contract for the Old Brookville Police Department (OBPD) to a Six Village contract (Old Brookville, Brookville, Upper Brookville, Cove Neck, Matinecock and Mill Neck) and extends the terms of the previous contract for another year effective June 1, 2011 - May 31, 2012. As a result of Muttontown withdrawing from the Seven Village contract as of May 31 and forming its own police department, the mayors and police commissioners from the six remaining villages have worked over the past two months to restructure the OBPD. These efforts included professional advice from a fonner Assistant County Police Commissioner with 35 years of law enforcement experience. During this time, Chief Maurice Sullivan finalized his planned June retirement, and Captain Richard Smith was selected by the mayors to be Acting Chief ofthe OBPD. Acting Chief Smith has over 25 years of law enforcement experience which includes about 20 years of supervisory and command positions.

The restructured police force in place as of June 1, 2011 will provide for a four car patrol service (three police officer patrol cars plus one sergeants car) for the six villages as compared to the previous five patrol car service when Muttontown was included in the service area. It is important to note that Muttontown had accounted for approximately 25% of the OBPD jurisdiction and population. The OBPD will continue to have its own dispatch service as before with the OBPD HQ desk manned on a 24/7 basis. At this time, the labor counsel retained by the Six Village Board of Police Commissioners advises that negotiations continue with the OBPD Police Benevolent Association to possibly provide for two OBPD detectives to supplement the Nassau County detective services which are provided to the OBPD and all other local police departments in Nassau County. The Village of Old Brookville strongly supports retaining the OBPD detective service. It is important to remember that Old Brookville is one of six villages responsible for the operational management of the OBPD and that in most instances, at least four or five villages must vote to approve a motion.

II. New Police Headquarters

During the past two years, in compliance with the terms of the Seven Village Police Protection contract, efforts were made by the Seven Village Board of Police Commissioners to finalize the remaining details for a new police headquarters and initiate construction on two acres of property leased for 99 years for $1/year from St Francis/DeMatteis Center along Northern Boulevard. With Muttontown no longer being provided service by the OBPD, this project is no longer being actively considered and is subject to formal cancellation.

III. Preservation of 60 Acres of Banfi Agricultural Fields

As previously noticed, in December, 2009 Nassau County purchased 25 acres ofBanfi agricultural fields along Hegeman's Lane which can only be used for vegetable farming or as green space. Concurrent with this purchase, a private conservationist purchased 35 acres of the Banfi agricultural fields along Chicken Valley Road with the near term objective to exchange this property for other Nassau County owned land in Oyster Bay Cove. Since the property is technically considered parkland, the exchange is subject to New York State approval which to date, has been obtained from the New York State Assembly and the Senate and is awaiting Governor Cuomo's signature. Thereafter, the Nassau County Legislature will have to approve the terms of the property exchange which should take place between June - December, 2011.

IV. Road and Drainage Project

The Village's two year, $5.0 million program to improve village roads and drainage facilities was completed in October, 2010. During 2010, new drainage facilities were installed on Long Ridge Lane, Woodland Road, Stone Gate Lane and Pheasant Hill Lane. Resurfacing was done on East View Lane, Pheasant Hill Lane, Woodland Road, Woodland Lane and Stone Gate Lane. As a result of this two year project, about 50% of the villages roads were resurfaced and many of the drainage problems along our village roads have been corrected. The Board of Trustees plans to review the Village Engineer's recommendations for further possible road resurfacing this fall. In the meantime, all village roads will be appropriately maintained.

V. Village Taxes

For the June 1,2011 - May 31, 2012 budget, the tax rate has been increased from $11.95 to $12.30 per $100 of assessed valuation (2.9%). The withdrawal of Muttontown from the OBPD and the subsequent OBPD restructuring had no effect on the June 2011May 2012 Village tax rate. Instead, the 2.9% increase was a result of exceptional snow removal costs this past winter coupled with mortgage recording tax receipts which were less than anticipated.

VI. Safety

The Village purchased four digital speed display monitors during the past year which are rotated throughout several village roads as part of our overall effort to control traffic speeds on Village roads. In addition, this past year a traffic light was installed at the intersection of Chicken Valley Road and Cedar Swamp Road while another traffic light is currently being installed at the intersection of McCouns's Lane and Glen Cove Road.

VII. Village Beautification

The three planting triangles from the Valentine's/Simonson intersection to the East View/McCoun's intersection and along to the McCoun's/Hoaglands intersection have been planted this spring with annuals and perennials compliments of the Carullo Family, Paul's Nursery and the Fischetti Nursery. On behalf of the Village, I would like to thank them all for their generous contributions. Another planting triangle on Meadowridge Lane was regraded, re-seeded and planted with three trees. During the fall, thirty trees were contributed to the Village by several residents. These trees were planted along various village roads, and all are now growing nicely.

VIII. Election Day - Tuesday, June 21

The next general election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21. The mayor’s office as well as two village trustee offices are to be filled for a two year term. Polls are open at Village Hall from 12:00 noon to 9:00PM.

IX. Meet the Mayor

For the next two Saturdays (June 11 & 18) from 9-11AM, I will be available at Village Hall to respond to your questions, concerns or suggestions related to the aforementioned items or any other matter related to the improvement of our Village. Should you not be available, please don't hesitate to contact me at

IX. Conclusion

Much has been accomplished in our Village over the past year. I would like to thank the trustees, the appointees to the Planning Board, Zoning Board and Architectural Review Board, the Village's independent contractors along with a special thanks to Sandy Albro - Village Clerk, for a job well done.

While the responsibilities of being mayor have been exceptionally demanding over the past year, it has been a privilege to be mayor of our beautiful and exclusive village. As an 18 year resident of our community, I look forward to continuing to serve as mayor helping to preserve our open space, maintain and improve village infrastructure and most importantly, to be part of a six village mayoral team to help manage the police protection services that are so important to everyone in our Village.

Yours truly,

Bernie Ryba