New Traffic Light to be Installed at Cedar Swamp Road and Hegeman’s Lane Intersection

The Village has been notified by the New York State Department of Transportation that a traffic light will be installed at the intersection of Cedar Swamp Road and Hegeman’s Lane sometime during the summer. As many are aware, this particular intersection is very congested during the morning and evening commute hours from Monday through Friday. A traffic light will further assume the smooth passage of traffic and improve the safety profile of the intersection. Plans detailing the installation and location are on file at Village Hall and are available for review on request.

Beautification Project at McCoun’s Lane and Glen Cove Road to be Completed

The Village is pleased to announce that after many months of delay, all approvals have finally been received from The New York State Department of Transportation for the beautification of the planting triangle at the intersection of McCoun’s Lane and Glen Cove Road. The work will be done by Paul’s Nursery following landscaping plans that were previously approved by the Village. Seasonal plantings will be made featuring annuals with traditional colors of spring, summer and fall for the enjoyment of all at this busy intersection. Coupled with the plantings in the planting beds around the “Welcome to Old Brookville” signs, this planting triangle will certainly be a welcome addition to the beautification of the Village.