Public Safety   

Emergency Fire Response:  911
Emergency Police Response:  911
Do not call local precinct.

Fire:  Glenwood Landing Fire Department   742-3300
Police:  Old Brookville Police Department   626-1300
Health Department:
LIPA emergency power outage:  631-755-6900
Poison Control:    542-2323


Emergency Management

Federal Emergency Management (FEMA):
New York State Emergency Management Office NY Alert:
American Red Cross:


Education, Library and Recreation

North Shore School District:
Locust Valley School District:  www.
Gold Coast Library:
Town of Oyster Bay Parks:
Nassau County Parks, Recreation and Museums
Nassau County Art Museum
Glen Cove Record Pilot:
Explore Long Island:

Chamber of Commerce and Government

 Town of Oyster Bay:

As a Village in the OYSTER BAY PATHOGEN WATERSHED  the DEC Permit (pg 64 6c) requires us to DEVELOP A PROGRAM TO MANAGE GOOSE POPULATIONS.  By participating in the OYSTER BAY /COLD SPRING HARBOR PROTECTION COMMITTEE this program has been set up for us by the Committee.
We have been asked to post this link on our Village website.  By posting the above link we can be credited with meeting this storm water program requirement.

Committee on Open Government