• Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
  • Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
  • Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
  • Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
  • Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
  • Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville
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Welcome to the Village of Old Brookville


 WINTER STORM -- January 27, 2015


 Dear Residents,


As you know, a blizzard  resulting in as much as 24" of snow is forecast for this evening and tomorrow.  Since Village Hall most likely will be closed on Tuesday, the Village would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the following contact information.

     Power Outages: 1(800) 490-0075;  Text message: OUT773454;  Mobile Website:  www.PSEGLINY.com
B)  National Grid:  1(800) 490-0045
C)  Village Road Commissioner; Frank Galuzzo
      Cell:  (516) 250-7657
      E-mail:  nssoccer100@aol.com
D)  Mayor Ryba
      Cell:  (631) 255-0994
E)  Old Brookville Police
      (516) 626-1300
     Please do not hesitate to contact any of the above during or after the blizzard should the need arise.
Rick Shaper
Deputy Mayor - Village of Old Brookville






201 McCouns Lane

Old Brookville NY 11545

Tel: 516.671.4664

Fax: 516.671 4725


 Mayor's Letter -- January 2015




Dear Neighbors:


            The holidays have come and gone and I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I’d like to take this opportunity to ring in the new year for the Village by providing a brief update of the Board of Trustees’ plans for the Village for 2015.





            Our Village Hall is over 50 years old and is in dire need of significant renovations which have been long postponed.  Working with the Village’s Building Department, necessary renovations have been identified and estimated which should total about $100,000.  Earlier this fiscal year, $80,000 from Village contingency funds were set aside for this project.  I am pleased to let you know that the Village applied for and has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the New York State Dormitory Authority to pay for half the renovations.  The Village has also applied for a judicial grant for as much as $30,000 to enhance the facilities used during our Village court proceedings at Village Hall.  Accordingly, your property taxes will not increase next year due to the planned renovations.





            Subsequent to the Board of Trustees’ decision to proceed with renovations, discussions were initiated to consider an expansion of our Village Hall.  Over the years, available clerical space as well as storage space for property records dating as far back as the 1920’s has become extremely limited.  The Building Department has also expressed the need and a desire to have a separate work area for their frequent meetings with residents, prospective residents, developers, builders and architects regarding site and building plans.  Accordingly, preliminary building plans have been developed to expand Village Hall by about 1,000 square feet to provide for:

a)      An expanded clerical area for the Village Clerk and her assistant.

            b)  A separate meeting room and records room for the Building Department; this room would also be utilized for other informal Village meetings.

            c)  A broad storage corridor which would allow space for filing and retaining all other Village records and reference materials.

            The estimated cost for this expansion is about $200,000 which the trustees plan to include in next years 2015-2016 budget. Since the Village expects the current fiscal year to end with a significant surplus, some of these surplus funds will be used to pay for the expansion so your property taxes next year will not be affected by this project. Similar to the renovation work, the Village also plans to identify and apply for any applicable New York State grants.  Both the expansion and renovations are planned to start during the late spring/early summer.





            Separate and apart from the Village Hall project, every year recurring expenses for the Village’s operating services such as police, fire, legal etc. can increase due to contractual or other considerations.  In order to pay for these expected increases in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the Village expects the tax rate to increase by 1% -1.5% or less than the New York State mandated tax cap.  Since the Village will comply with the tax cap, I am pleased to let you know that all Village property owners will receive a Village property tax refund from the State of New York equal to the amount of the Village property tax increase for the current fiscal year paid to the Village in June, 2014.





            The $7 Million capital program to improve the Village’s highway and drainage infrastructure is almost complete.  About $65,000 of remaining capital funds will be used to improve the drainage capability of Brookville Lane between the Woodland and Bowden Lane intersections later this year.  The Village now has some of the best maintained roads on the north shore of Nassau County.





            After a two year hiatus, the Village plans to have a proactive beautification program in 2015.  To re-start the initiative, I have asked, and Ms. Paula Aureliano Leighton (Paul’s Nursery) has agreed to chair the Beautification Committee.  I look forward to working with Paula and we welcome any residents who would like to participate in planning for the further beautification of our community.  To express your interest in joining this committee, please contact Village Hall at 671-4664 ext. 6.


            As always, should you have any concerns, suggestions or questions, my Village e-mail address is Mayor@oldbrookville.net.  My belated wishes to you and your families for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2015.



Yours Truly,


Bernie Ryba

Mayor -- Village of Old Brookville




Report on the Old Brookville Police Department

Jan 2015


Dear Village Resident,


As your Village Police Commissioners, Mayor Ryba has asked us to provide you with a brief update regarding public safety within the Village.


The Old Brookville Police Department continues to do an outstanding job of protecting and serving the Village of Old Brookville as well as five of our neighboring Incorporated Villages. Since taking over the Police Department in June 2011, under what can only be described as extremely difficult circumstances, our current Police Chief Richard H. Smith has guided the Department to unparalleled success in crime reduction.  Crime rates within their six village jurisdiction which encompasses over 26 square miles are currently at all time lows. While residential burglaries have spiked in some nearby jurisdictions, residential burglaries have actually decreased over 80% within the Old Brookville Police jurisdiction over the past three years.


Working closely with our other Police Commissioners, when crime patterns do emerge, such as luxury cars being targeted for theft or more recently the phone scams being perpetrated on our elderly population, the Police Department has disseminated timely notifications and prevention tips utilizing our Village website which is being maintained by Deputy Commissioner Shaper. Additionally, during the past three years the issuance of traffic summonses has increased by 23% while auto accidents have been reduced by over 9%, a testament to the Department’s traffic safety efforts.


Perhaps more noteworthy, while we were experiencing those historic drops in crime, expenditures in the Police Department over the last three fiscal years were actually reduced. With contractual obligations and state mandated retirement costs rising on an annual basis, this is truly a remarkable achievement and indicative of the Department’s management.


Chief Smith understands that while his patrol force has been extremely successful, crime is primarily driven by a complex mix of social and demographic factors and realizes that he and the Department face several challenges in the year ahead. These challenges include the ever increasing heroin and opiate addiction problems that we as a community have not been spared from. The Chief is also concerned with maintaining the safety of each of his officers’ in the face of the ever increasing dangers that our police officers now face simply by donning their police uniforms each day. We as residents can play an important role in assisting the Police Department. We remind you to stay alert, target harden your home, and contact the Old Brookville Police Department if you see or hear anything suspicious.


As we watch recent events unfold globally as well as locally in New York City, we see not only how difficult policing has become, but how important it is to have solid leadership. As the Village Police Commissioners we feel that Chief Smith through his leadership and professionalism continues to demonstrate not only a commitment to the policing profession, but a deep commitment to our residents and keeping our Village safe. We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year and as always, should you have any concerns please contact us at Village Hall.







Matthew Schamroth                                                    

Police Commissioner for Old Brookville             





Rick Shaper

Deputy Police Commissioner for Old Brookville