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Message From the Mayor (March 15, 2013)

Dear Neighbors:

With spring right around the corner coupled with the expectation of warmer weather and hopefully no further major storms, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide you with an update of the important matters affecting our Village.


I. Road and Drainage Project

The final phase of the village-wide road and drainage improvement project is on target for a spring start – most likely in early May. The Village closed on a 15 year $2.0 million bond during late February at the very low interest rate of 1.86%. All engineering design work has been completed by our Village Engineers, Sidney Bowne & Son, and a contractor will be awarded the project within the next 30 days after the completion of a public bidding process.

During the construction phase, if there are any concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of the Village, please call Village Hall at 671-4664 and request the assistance of the Village Road Commissioner. The Phase IV program will include the following Village roads and drainage facilities:

  • Maria Lane
  • Edson Lane
  • Acorn Court
  • Jaeggar Drive (Acorn Court to cul-de-sac)
  • Brookville Lane
  • Long Ridge Lane
  • Oak Lane
  • Wren Court
  • Robin Court
  • Simonson Road
  • Simonson /Woodfield intersection drainage
  • Pound Hollow Court (partial resurfacing/repair)
  • Copperfield Lane (partial resurfacing/repair)
  • Dolly Cam Lane (partial resurfacing/repair)
  • Meadowridge Lane (partial enhanced curbing)
  • Carmen/Wildwood intersection resurfacing

The village-wide road maintenance program scheduled for last fall was postponed by Hurricane Sandy. The maintenance will now be addressed sometime during the year with crack sealer being applied to all the village roads that require this treatment. This will extend the useful life of the Village’s roads by several years.


II. Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Clean up expenses for Hurricane Sandy totaled about $725,000. Since the Village did not have sufficient funds to pay for these unbudgeted expenses, a one year $725,000 budget note was issued by the Village. The note will be paid off within the next twelve months from funds received from the federal (FEMA) and New York State Hurricane Sandy reimbursements. To assist the Village in the application and reimbursement process, U.S. Pact, a public assistance close-out firm has been retained. This firm employs former FEMA personnel and has many years of experience in assisting municipalities with federal reimbursement applications.


III. Tax Cap

At the February 11th Board of Trustees meeting, the Village unanimously approved a local law allowing the tax cap to be exceeded for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Considering the additional village expenses next year for debt service, police protection, fire and ambulance services and the potential for unreimbursed Hurricane Sandy expenses (at least 10% – similar to Hurricane Irene), the Village will necessarily have to exceed the tax cap.


IV. Cellular Telephone Antennas

The Village is in the process of updating the zoning ordinance on telecommunications in order to appropriately address a request by Crown Castle last year to install cell antennas and radio access network boxes on five utility poles along Chicken Valley and Piping Rock Roads. The Village expects Crown Castle to make a formal application to the Village and once received, a public hearing will be scheduled. A telecommunications expert continues to be retained by the Village to provide expert advice and to assist the Village in these efforts.


V. Village Appointments

Peter Albinski, Assistant Building Inspector, has assumed the additional responsibility of Village Code Enforcement Officer. He replaces Robert Ryder who served our Village well for many years and now has decided to spend more leisure time in Florida. The Village also appointed Frank Galuzzo to the position of Road Commissioner. On behalf of the Village, I would like to welcome Frank to the Village Administration and wish both Peter and Frank all the best in their new responsibilities.


VI. Village Beautification

The Village lost a large number of trees due to Hurricane Sandy. During the spring, the Village will quantify the losses and begin a tree replanting program along our Village streets.


VII. New York Institute of Technology Expansion

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) which borders Old Brookville is planning a $100,000,000 expansion consisting of 700 dormitory rooms, a dining hall and academic, executive and other buildings. We are in discussions with NYIT, Old Westbury (in whose village construction will occur) and Brookville which borders the campus in order to do the utmost as a neighboring village to prevent any significant impact on our community.

As always, I can be reached at should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Wishing you and your families a wonderful spring!

Yours truly,
Bernie Ryba, Mayor

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