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Message From the Mayor (Fall 2020)

Dear Residents:

As always, your village administration continues to be significantly engaged in addressing the affairs of the Village. At this time, I would like to update you on the following important matters.

A) Village Financial Position

During late 2019, the Village was once again rated by Standard and Poors and achieved a triple AAA rating – the best rating possible. Following this, after interest rates significantly declined in April, the Village refinanced $1,955,000 in bonds achieving approximately $40,000 in net savings. Please be assured that during this time of municipal financial stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that the Village’s financial position is strong and that Village services will not be adversely affected.

B) Village Boards and Services

While Village Hall remains closed to the public, the Village had taken the following steps over the past six months to provide for continuing service:

a) Board of Trustees has met regularly throughout the year either virtually or on Village Hall grounds using the recommended social distancing protocol.

b) Planning Board and Architectural Review Board have met in person as necessary on Village Hall grounds using social distancing protocol.

c) While Village Court has been closed for the last several months, it is scheduled to reopen monthly sessions in Village Hall starting October 26. Social distancing and mask protocol will be enforced.

d) The offices of the Village Clerk and Building Inspector have maintained their regular hours throughout. Other Village services have also continued uninterrupted.

C) Village Hall Expansion

Contracts totaling about $320,000 have been signed with two contractors to expand Village Hall by 1,900 square feet using modular construction. While progress to this point has been slow, the foundation should be completed in the next few weeks. As previously mentioned, the entire project has been fully funded with monies set aside by the Village.

D) McCoun’s Lane Water Main and Resurfacing

The McCoun’s Lane water main replacement work that started during August is nearing completion with final hook-ups. Resurfacing of McCoun’s Lane from the intersection of Hoaglands Lane through its entire length to the intersection with Glen Head Road will be done by John McGowan and Sons of Sea Cliff for a bid awarded contract of $190,000. Due to scheduling delays coupled with soil settlement issues and impending cold weather, our Village Engineer has recommended and the Village agreed that it is most prudent to postpone the resurfacing work until the spring of 2021.

E) Beautification of the Glen Cove Road Median

As a New York State DOT requirement for the RXR Garvies Point Development in Glen Cove, RXR is required to fund the NYS required expansion of two north/south turning lanes on Glen Cove Road at the Glen Head Road intersection. This will result in the narrowing of the Glen Cove Road median to the north and south of the Glen Head Road intersection and the removal of several trees. To address the partial loss of the open grassy median space, the Village has reached contractual agreement with RXR to provide $300,000 to the Village for the beautification of the Glen Cove Road median between the intersections with Glen Cove Road and McCoun’s Lane. My thanks to Paula Leighton (Paul’s Nursery) for volunteering to draft several extensive landscaping site plans for this project. While the timing for the turning lane extensions and the beautification project has yet to be decided by the New York State DOT, it may be as soon as calendar year 2021.

F) Tropical Storm Isaias

My thanks to Woody’s Tree Service and Petulla Landscaping for their prompt clean-up response to tropical storm Isaias. Most village roads were made passable by the evening of the storm excepting those with downed telephone poles or power lines. About $100,000 of clean-up expenditures were incurred.

G) Village Personnel – Comings and Goings

Village residents volunteer their time to provide service to the Village through the Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Zoning Board and Architectural Review Board. For those who have previously volunteered and to those who currently volunteer, I would like to express my sincere appreciation. Recent additions to our Boards include:

Michael Beyer – Planning
John Vasilakis – Zoning
Lori Golden – Trustee
Jackie Finnegan – Architectural Review
Suzanne Brook – Architectural Review

Recent departures include:

Kathy Fields – Architectural Review
Lisa LaRocca – Trustee
Henry Foster – Architectural Review
Nancy Taylor – Planning and former Trustee

Special thanks to Henry Foster and Nancy Taylor who spent many, many years volunteering their time on behalf of their community.

The Village would also like to welcome Sharon Moses as the new Village Court Clerk effective February 2020.

H) Village Hall – November 3rd Polling Location

Village Hall will once again be a polling location for the November 3rd general election. Plexiglas shields have been installed, hand sanitizer will be available, and the building will be sanitized the evening of November 2nd. Social distancing and other personal health safety precautions will be followed as posted outside Village Hall.

I) A Final Word

We are fortunate to reside in such a beautiful setting with extensive properties providing open space which is so important during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please be well, stay safe and if the Village can be of assistance, contact, or Village Hall at (516) 671-4664.

Yours truly,

Bernie Ryba
Mayor – Village of Old Brookville

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