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COVID-19 Outbreak Update

March 31, 2020

Dear Residents:

I hope this correspondence finds you and your families well. As we all know, the region is in the midst of a viral pandemic, the likes of which none of us have ever experienced. Unfortunately, to date, two of our residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19; we wish both a full and speedy recovery.

Among the communities in close proximity to our Village, the number of confirmed cases of the virus are higher than in Old Brookville — in some instances, much higher. The Village will continue to monitor this situation. I have participated in recent conference calls with Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino and County Executive Laura Curran. Please be advised that the Village is following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Health and the Nassau County Department of Health Services.

Due to the nature of the health crisis and the restrictions placed on the Village by the Federal Government and New York State, the following limitations are in effect:

  • Village Hall is closed to the public. For information or concerns, please call (516) 671-4664 ext. 6 or email

  • All Village board meetings will be held as scheduled. Video and/or voice access will be available – please check our website at for information. All Planning, Zoning and Architectural Review Board meetings are postponed until further notice.

  • For information on the status of Building Department applications or if you wish to apply for a building permit, please call (516) 671-4664 ext. 4. All nonessential construction has been stopped in the Village and the Building Inspector has been charged with enforcing the work stoppage. Please contact the Building Inspector’s office if you believe the work on your property is essential.

  • Village Court will not be in regular session. All cases are administratively adjourned until further notice. Upon resumption of regular court sessions, notice will be posted on the Village website and directly communicated as applicable to Village and non-Village residents. For further information, please refer to the Village Court update on the Village’s website.

If you or a family member begin to run a fever, experience a cough or have other respiratory symptoms and suspect it may be COVID-19, please contact your healthcare provider and follow their advice.

Wishing you all continuing good health as we experience this health crisis. Be safe and God bless.

Bernie Ryba
Mayor, Village of Old Brookville

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